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Would you try Marijuana gum for pain relief?

One problem doctors are running into is that when patients take Cannabis in capsule form, the body metabolizes 90% of the medication in the liver before it can reach other areas of the body. Gum could make it easier to distribute the pain-relieving properties without mind-altering side effects, according to Herb.
Cannabis gum could deliver lower doses of the cannabis to patients. This would allow patients to get the pain relief with fewer side effects, according to Herb.
This form of dispersing the medication is still new, but there are already some possible drawbacks.
A study published in a 2008 edition of The Journal of the American Medical Association, showed a link between people who smoked marijuana and patients with gum disease. The study showed that individuals who regularly smoked marijuana were 60% more likely to have gum disease, according to WebMD. It’s unclear what effect chewing it would have on gums and teeth.

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