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Worlds Best Steak

I was initially hesitant of this marinate because I don’t personally like the taste of soy sauce or balsamic vinegar but I doubled the recipe and marinated two steaks in it overnight(in the fridge of course), grilled it til medium rare and they turned out amazing! Absolutely planning on using it again. The garlic was a wonderful touch! I didn’t even feel the need to bust out the steak sauce because of the amazing flavors the marinade brought to the steak.

OMG! This is amazing. Marinated overnight and used spicy brown mustard. No mustard overtone. Delicious and simple. Try it on all kinds of meat, I bet it would be the bomb.

Awesome recipe. I doubled the recipe because I had two giant Chuck steaks that I bought on sale. As most people know Chuck steaks isn’t the greatest, it’s also kinda tuff. I marinaded the steak for 6 hour in the fridge and 1 1/2 out side of the fridge before grilling. The only thing I changed was the garlic amount and I used white vinegar because that’s what I had. I added 6 cloves since my family loves garlic. It turned out great! So flavorful and tender for the type of steak. I will definitely use the again in the future. Thank you for this recipe

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