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Woman Sets Up Hidden Camera And Discovers Fiancé Beating Her French Bulldogs So She Calls Off Wedding

The story first begins when a woman in Rio de Janeiro became suspicious when she noticed her beloved French Bulldogs, Gucci and Victoria, had mysterious injuries.

Animals can’t speak for themselves and can’t ask for help. So, her beloved French Bulldogs couldn’t defend themselves or ask for her help.

She was unable to determine how her dogs got these injuries so the, 26-year-old Ninna Mandin decided to install a hidden camera inside her apartment. And for her shock, she discovered that her boyfriend was brutally hitting her dogs for no reason.

In the video footage, this man is crouched on the floor next to the dog hiding under a chair.

It’s not clear what he’s doing to the dog, but suddenly he grabs the dog around her neck and violently throws the dog to the ground in a non-sense act!

After seeing the video footage, Ninna cancelled their planned wedding and published the disturbing videos to Facebook as a warning to others so that everybody will take more care of their dogs.

She posted the videos with a message describing her shock, anger and sorrow (translated loosely from Portuguese ):

“That the person I welcomed into my house, with all the love and affection, was able to commit the atrocities you are about to watch!

I do not have words to describe such cowardice with beings [her dogs] so pure and helpless and that never did wrong. The only feeling I have is remorse of not having noticed before in order to spare them.”

Ninna told news media that it is a “very difficult time”. “My trust has been betrayed. I am very shaken,” she told the Brazilian news channel Globo Extra.

“I do not know what to expect and am afraid. I am doing everything to protect myself, my daughters [her two dogs] and my family.”

I can only imagine her shock to discover these non-sense violent acts!

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But now her beloved dogs are safe with her and in the message she said, “Thank you for being by my side and helping us! We are sending all our love is our thanks. The justice will be done!”

source : http://doggiescare.com