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Why Scotch Tape Should be Your Go-To Tool for Making Bouquets

Let’s be honest, we all love going out and picking flowers, but not many of us really know what to do once we’ve gotten them home. You see, arranging beautiful budsmay seem like a leisurely activity, but bouquets are just not that easy to make!

To solve this problem, we scoured the Internet to find the simplest bouquet-making trick around—and we are happy to report that we have found it. What we love about this particular hack is that it only requires materials that you likely already have sitting in your cabinets. How sweet is that?!

Be a bouquet-making pro

The first step to making colorful, vibrant, and best of all, FULL bouquets is to first select the right flowers. If these blossoms are meant for your home, think about the hues and features that are part of the room in which you intend to display them. Aim to choose shades that complement and add pizazz to the given space.

Once you’ve settled on the types of flowers, it’s time for you to prep them for their new home—their vase. Now, you’re likely aware of the fact that simply throwing the plants into water won’t keep them fresh for long, so you’ll need to getting cutting.

First, trim the flowers’ stems with sharp shears, making sure that you are snipping at an angle. The trick here is to not chop off too much length but to provide the ends with enough of a slant so that they can soak up plenty of water.

close up of cut stemSean Winters via Flickr

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