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The first time I made homemade barbecue sauce was 13 years ago. That’s kind of a weird fact for someone to remember precisely, don’t you think? I remember all the details like it was yesterday. I was living in a third story apartment with my mom (this is well after I had a college degree and a good paying job, mind you… but I loved living with my mom) and my sweet puppy Kodi who is now geriatric old but still making me smile. The reason I remember making homemade BBQ sauce for the first time was because it was so incredibly delicious and not that difficult. It was like I had a revelation. Why had I always bought bottled barbecue sauces at the store that were either gross and filled with corn syrup and preservatives or they were pretty good but very expensive. I was so young and naive and had no idea one could make their own sauce. Since that day, I’ve been making my own BBQ sauce. I particularly like making whiskey BBQ sauce because it adds that extra zing that makes your mouth sing. I prefer this sauce as a finishing sauce used during the last phase of your barbecue cooking as opposed to a marinade, but do with it as you will. Just make it!
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20 mins
1 hour 15 mins
1 hour 35 mins

When you make this easy Whiskey BBQ Sauce, the end product is a tangy dance of flavors that give your summer barbecued meats a mouthwatering finish.
Recipe type: sauce

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