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Two Sisters’ Chicken Salad

This is one of our favorite summer meals. I use my own fajita seasoning, organic black beans and my own homemade salsa. This is also good with avocado. I like to mix the salsa with a tablespoon of sour cream with the salsa to make it stretch a little more and to make it creamy. This is a great way to stretch the little meat you do have on skinny week’s before payday. To make it a little more filling, you can also add in cooked mexican rice. This makes a great filling for wraps, too.
Great for a quick and easy meal! I grilled my chicken vs. pan frying and used a homemade fajita seasoning. I used regular corn and left it cold as well as the beans. I also didn’t bother adding any additional fajita seasoning. I added some Mexican blend cheese and some thin sliced avocado. I topped it off with a dollup of sour cream and some thin sliced green onion. This was great served with Ranch dressing and tortilla wedges on the side.

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