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This Simple Ham Swiss Brunch Break And Love

Anyone who cooks for their family, friends, or significant others always tell me that the secret ingredient to any dish is love. It’s not just romantic love or the kind that you feel for friends and family members. It’s the love for food. It’s your desire to make people happy by preparing them dishes that will make them smile. It sounds cheesy and it’s a bit cliché, but I know how true that is. Because no matter how simple are the ingredients that you use in a dish, as long as you put your everything while making it, it will always always taste good.

Just like this dish that Southern Bite shares with us. It has the simplest ingredients. There isn’t even any special method that’s needed to employ just to create this delicious dish. But I made it once for a group of friends and they all loved it. Just the look on their faces told me that my efforts weren’t wasted. They appreciated the dish because I made it for them. It tasted delicious to them because it’s something that I created out of my desire to feed them with something really tasty. Because everyone will always, always deserve a good meal.

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