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This recipe my mom would make and it also falls in the category of the Keto Diet.

We really enjoyed this delicious recipe Kitten. It was quick and easy to make with wonderful results. Made exactly as written and I wouldn`t change a thing. The cabbage was tender and delicious; spicy, sweet and savory, a real comfort dish. Served with baked chicken and mashed potatoes for a memorable meal. Made for Whats on the Menu Tag Game.

I feel the need to apologize for taking the credit every time I make something you have created. But LOL I love the response I get from every thing I have tried so far. I really am glad you have so many recipes here, and mean to try many of them. My husband is used to boiled or steamed cabbage, or coleslaw, and found this to be a wonderful alternative from the boring. So, thank you once again for helping me to become a superstar in my kitchen. Annie A. P.S. He does know I am always looking here for deliciousness, and Ive found a very good place to search. Thank you Kitten

Really good, and other than the chopping, really quick and easy. I did leave out the pepper flakes, as I was making this for the in laws and they don’t do spicy anything. My husband tried it, but still doesn’t care for cabbage. Used white sugar, and like another reviewer, might cut it in half, or leave out entirely next time I make this. Used a thick cut apple wood smoked bacon. Thanks for another great recipe!

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