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This ONE Ingredient Remedy STOPS Migraines Instantly

When a migraine happens, two things are causing you pain. First, blood vessels are dilated. They open up and more blood that usual starts flowing to your brain. The pressure on the blood vessels of the increased blood flow is one cause of the pain that you feel.
The second cause of pain, according to the Migraine Relief Center is that “cranial vessels leak, causing swelling in the area.” No wonder you feel pressure in your brain when you have a migraine.
Migraines can last from 4 to 72 hours. During that painful time frame, some people feel nausea to such an extreme as to cause vomiting. Often, people experiencing a migraine need to lie down and rest to recover until the pain subsides.
During a migraine some people will also experience visual hallucinations, like tiny lights appearing or tunnel vision where their field of vision is closed off. This is common but it can make any normal activities like driving impossible until the migraine passes.
What causes migraines?
A migraine can be caused by an environmental trigger such as red wine, stress, sustained loud noise, dehydration, soy products or even weather pressure changes. Migraine sufferers quickly learn to look for and avoid the possible triggers that brought on the migraine.
Women have a higher incidence of migraines due to hormonal changes. Women sometimes find that they are more likely to experience a migraine during the same time of their monthly menstruation cycle. Other hormonal changes like pregnancy or menopause can bring on a change in migraine frequency.

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