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This Hearty Stew Is Mountain-Moving Delicious!

Here’s a one pot meal ya’ll are going to love! I always enjoy stews like this – first of all, because they’re so extremely tasty. And second, because the cleanup is a breeze!
I honestly think it’s a blessing for everyone when you don’t have to bring out all your pots and pans to feed your family. As you let all of the ingredients simmer together in one dish, it makes the flavors even more delightful and you won’t need to add anything fancy. In fact, you’ll probably have most of these ingredients at hand, right now!

This stew is a great way to add some veggies into your picky eater’s diet. My little one does not like celery at all, but he never complains when I serve this for dinner. I honestly think all the flavors have combined so nicely that he doesn’t even realize there’s celery in it! But, of course, you could omit that if you’re not a fan.

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