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This GIANT German Pancake Is The Mother Of All Breakfasts

My husband and I love to have guests over the house. We are really friendly people and love having people over to share our hearts with, what we are learning, going through, experiencing and how we are growing in life and in our church and family. It is such a fun thing for us to have people over and just fellowship over an extended period of time. Ever since we have kids, we knew we wanted to instill that in them as well, so we decided to make it a priority to have at least two house guests a month, whether they spent the night, or just came over for dinner.

Well, we have exceeded our goal by far as we normally have about one guest per week over (well, one family over, as it is normally people with kids for our kids to play with).
We have tried so many delicious meals with new people and when they are staying over for the night, I like to make sure to give them a hearty and delicious breakfast to keep them full throughout the morning for whatever adventures may be in store for them. This is one that I return to often when I have guests.

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