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This Family-Friendly Meal Won’t Break The Bank!

I love budget-friendly dinners! I grew up in a home where I learned to appreciate everything I had. My parents were farmers (we had a very small farm) so from the early years of my life, I learned what it took to provide for a large family. I also learned that a great meal, or a great life in general, is never about how much money you have and how expensive things you can buy. Even when I have some extra savings, I like to purchase inexpensive things and keep the money in my bank account for something special.

That’s why I got so excited when I came across this recipe! It uses the simplest of ingredients that you’ll probably already have at hand, or you can get them for just a few bucks. This casserole is easy to prepare and it’s a hearty meal for your whole family, as the recipe serves 4-6.
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