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This Cuban Girl Is Telling You – This Is The BEST Picadillo!

I absolutely love cooking from my heritage. I am a second generation Cuban. My mom was born here in the states from Cuban parents and my dad was born in Cuba. Both families left at the time Castro took control of the country and they were beginning to lose everything from their homes to all their freedom. They barely had food and all their money was being taken away from them. I hear all the stories and I hurt for my family. One day they just said goodbye to everyone they knew and came to the states and have been here ever since (50 plus years!).

Well, even after many years here, they are still proud of who they are. We love our Cuban heritage and hurt for those still in bondage there. One thing we do to remind ourselves of where we came from is cook our delicious Cuban food. One of my favorite dishes that my grandma makes excellently and my mom makes even better is Picadillo. It is basically ground beef in a tomato sauce, but does not taste like pasta sauce. It is so well seasoned it has a totally different flavor that regular ol’ ground beef recipes.

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