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They Said Hydrogen Peroxide Was Great, But They didn’t tell You This

11.) Wound cleaning and disinfection- this is especially beneficial for small wounds, which can be cleaned with 3 percent HP. You need a small cap of the liquid that you can directly apply on the wound.

12.) Mouth rinse- aside from your teeth, HP can keep your mouth clean from bacteria and infections. To do this accordingly, gargle with 1 cup of water mixed with 2 caps full of HP.

13.) Skin cleanser- treat acne and get glowing skin by washing your face with a 3 percent HP. Tis will clean the pores, the existing acne and will prevent new acne from appearing.

14.) Eliminate boils- In a bathtub, pour only one cup of 35 percent HP. Soak in the tub to get rid of boils forever and regenerate the skin as well.

15.) Treats calluses and corns- to soften calluses and corns and destroy them for good, mix equal parts of HP and warm water and soak in it.

16.) Removes earwax- hidden earwax is more persistent than outer wax, but you can successfully deal with it by using HP. Pour 2 drops of HP in each ear. The, add a few drops of olive oil in each ear as well. After a couple of minutes, drain liquid from ears and the wax will come out together with the HP.

17.) Protection from swimmer’s ear- this ear infection is very common and unpleasant. Prepare remedy by mixing 1 cap of HP with a little vinegar and pour in a small container. Put a couple of drops in each ear after swimming, and you will prevent infections completely.

18.) Cure ear infections- if your ear is already infected, apply 8 drops of HP to in it.

19.) Get rid of skin mites- HP can help you deal with skin mites in no time. Spray HP on affected skin and repeat treatment, wait a few minutes, and then repeat process.

20.) Helps with foot fungus- prepare a mixture of HP and water. Keep liquid in a dark glass bottle, so the HP isn’t in direct contact with the sunlight. Apply mix to fungus directly. For best results, mix equal parts of 3 percent HP and water.

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