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These Mineral and Vitamin Deficiencies Have Been Linked to Headaches, Acne, Bumps, Hair Loss, Brittle Nails, and Muscle Cramps! (Here Is What You Need to Do!)

Each vitamin or mineral deficiency can lead to a specific health problem. In addition, here are 5 commonly experienced deficiencies and several symptoms they usually trigger.

– Headaches and Muscle Cramps Can Be Caused by Magnesium Deficiency

Magnesium deficiency is actually among the most common mineral deficiencies. It has been estimated that 75% of all Americans suffer from magnesium deficiency. Moreover, this mineral is responsible for optimal function of the nervous system.

By taking the mineral regularly, you can reduce the unpleasant symptoms of muscle cramps and headaches, soothe tense muscles and nerves, and improve the quality of sleep. In other words, it is advisable to get the mineral from green leafy vegetables, like kale and collard greens. Additionally, consider adding some Epsom Salt to your bath water since it is rich in this mineral. In this way, the magnesium can be easily absorbed by your skin.

– Acne Could Be Experienced as a Result of Zinc Deficiency

Did you know that acne can occur because of zinc deficiency? Namely, zinc is an essential mineral that plays an important role in regulating the production of oil in the body. Also, this mineral adds color and brightness to the complexion. That’s not all, it can also promote skin cell regeneration, and reduce skin inflammation, thus inducing healing. This mineral can also interfere with the enzyme that transforms testosterone into pimple-causing form.

You can reduce the appearance of acne by using 30 milligrams of zinc per day. It is also good to know that a ¼ cup of raw pumpkin seeds contains more than half of the recommended daily amount of this mineral.

– Dry, Broken and Brittle Hair and Brittle Nails May Be Triggered by Biotin Deficiency

Biotin is also known as Vitamin B7. This vitamin is responsible for keeping the hair beautiful and healthy. As a result of the fact that Vitamin B7 is present in a lot of foods, only a few people suffer from vitamin B7 deficiency. Furthermore, the most common symptoms of this deficiency include hair loss, hair breakage, brittle hair and nails. So, in order to eliminate these symptoms, consider including vitamin B7-rich foods in your daily diet.

– Thinning Hair Can Be Experienced Because of Iron Deficiency

Iron is an important mineral for transporting oxygen and other essential nutrients to the nail follicles. Therefore, deficiency in this mineral or anemia can contribute to hair loss.

– White Little Bumps on the Back of the Arm Have Been Linked to Essential Fatty Acid Deficiency

If you are deficient in essential fatty acids or omega 3 fatty acids, small bumps can occur on the back of your arms. To be more specific, these fatty acids provide your body with powerful anti-inflammatory effects. But in case your body has lack of these fatty acids, it also has lack of anti-inflammatory agents, so that you experience these bumps. By increasing your consumption of omega 3-rich foods you can decrease the appearance of these unattractive bumps.

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