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The Tandoori Chicken And The Birthday Boy

Landon is one of our eligible bachelor friends who doesn’t know how to cook an egg even if it’s to save his life. He always orders take-out or he just eats out because he truly doesn’t know how to handle a pan. His kitchen is always spotless clean and his utensils still have labels on them. The only appliance he ever uses in the kitchen is his trusty microwave; and that’s only to heat his microwavable food. His cupboards have nothing but instant noodles and pop tarts. Eligible bachelor indeed.

But every year, during his birthday, Landon gets to eat something new. He doesn’t ask much for his birthday. He just wants everyone to feed him for a day until his stomach cannot take him anymore. This year, one of our friends made him Tandoori chicken. And he loved it! He loved it so much that he begged the friend for the recipe. He said he would try to make it on his own because it seemed easy. We didn’t know if he succeeded, but at least he experienced the need to try. This recipe over at Confessions of a Confectionista will give you a recipe for a very tasty Tandoori chicken.

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