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The Easiest Way to Clean Oven Racks

Oven grates are largely ignored yet are subjected to the spills and splatters that inevitably occur when cooking. If the oven grates are clogged with bits of burnt-on food or are coated with a sticky, oily film, then time, patience and a lot of scrubbing with a good brush and a grease-cutting cleaner is the best way to return them to their former gleaming glory.

A close-up of the interior of a clean oven
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The Easiest Way to Clean Oven Racks

Cleaning Oven Racks in the Dishwasher

An easy way to clean oven racks is to pop them into the dishwasher. If placing them in the dishwasher vertically, be sure that the machine is tall enough so that the racks don’t hit any spinning arms inside the tub.

The oven grates can be overlapped if you can place them horizontally in the dishwasher. The bottom rack is preferable for seriously grimy oven grates.

If the dishwasher didn’t clean them thoroughly, you can try a few other things to get them looking as good as new.

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