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The best Oreo Cookie Balls

What can I say, these are just plain addictive! Anyone can make these simple treats – kids, non-cooks, even bachelors! (It’s true, I’ve seen it with my own eyes.) But don’t plan on eating just one…
-.what I do, is chill the cookie balls BEFORE I coat them in the bark!! It helps a lot…stick them in the freezer, and only take out a few at a time to coat!! I hope it works for you as well!!! Ive been making these for years!!
-I like to freeze them before I dip them into the bark to help with them falling apart in the hot melts stuff, and I refrigerate them before eating.
PS mint Oreos are awesome too!!
-Instead of using waxpaper use parchment.I also tried this recipe with nutterbutters.really good!
-Just made them with light cream cheese and can’t even tell a difference 🙂

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