This delicious low carb banana bread recipe is a must try!

Banana is available all year round so I always make sure there’s banana on the table every day. I usually use bananas for my daily smoothies. See my 13 favorite smoothie recipes here.

I was in the mood to make something different for breakfast and banana bread recipe is the easiest recipe I found online.

It is shocking to know how healthy minded people are nowadays. A simple banana bread recipe can now have several healthy versions like low carb, sugar-free, gluten-free, keto, paleo etc.

So joining the hype, this recipe is a low carb banana bread. I also call this almond flour banana bread, because instead of regular flour, almond flour was used.

This low carb bread recipe is an amended version of this original keto bread recipe. Stevia is my sugar substitute. The original recipe does not have this, I was kind of worried that it will taste bland, so I added stevia. This is totally optional though.

If you are crazy about bread, here are 14 other types of keto bread you will love!

For this recipe, you need the following ingredients – ingredients that you usually have in your fridge and pantry.

  • Bananas (depending on you diet, adjust the amount or number of bananas)
  • Eggs – there are a lot of egg varieties in the grocery so choose whatever you like
  • Almond flour – this kind of flour is quite expensive by the way, but if you’re serious about following a low carb diet, the benefit outweighs the cost
  • Olive oil or coconut oil
  • Sweetener, sugar substitute but for this recipe I used stevia. A word of warning, if you used too much stevia, expect a bitter or salty taste
  •  Walnuts or pecans or any nuts of your choice or no nuts at all if you are allergic to them
  • For extra added aroma, you can also add vanilla extract

What I love about baking is that you can experiment and adjust the amount of ingredients for your desired diet or taste.

In my chemistry class in high school, my teacher told me that in order to achieve an exact level of consistency, combine the dry and wet ingredients separately first before combining everything together.

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