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The 6 Cancer Causers In Your Home You Need To Get Rid Of!

4. Shampoos

Maybe it will be strange for you to hear that shampoos have toxins in it, especially because we use them every day but this is true. While you are reading this researches are being done in order to discover whether they may cause cancer. But if you want to be on the safe side than chose the natural, handmade soaps and shampoos.

5. Antiperspirants

The thing which is not familiar to us is that deodorants and antiperspirants contain toxic ingredients which may cause cancer. Also they are made to stay on our skin for long time in order to protect us from bad smell. Due to this fact the time for absorption of these toxic substances is prolonged. In order to stay safe you can give up using them or just find a natural way to stay fresh.

6. Shower curtains

VOC or volatile organic chemicals are harmful chemicals which are emitted from the shower curtains. These chemicals not only that affect you but also they pollute the environment.

In order to say safe and to protect yourself and your family try to avoid the items from this list and find better natural alternatives.