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Tart Cranberries Nestled In A Buttery Mess Of Yummy Cake

The other day, I was surfing through the channels on my TV and came across a very popular cooking show. I started watching the show as the chef was making a delightful looking cake that she said had British roots. This piqued my interest because I think desserts from England are fancy and absolutely delightful. So I continued watching as the chef mixed things in bowl, poured batter into pans, and waited for the cake to bake in her tv-land oven. What she came up with was a cranberry cake with lemon butter sauce.

I immediately switched off the telly…er…TV, and headed on out to the grocery store to pick up the ingredients that I needed in order to construct this fabulous looking cake. Much to my surprise, the ingredients were very basic and the steps weren’t hard to follow at all! I thought this cake was going to be a hassle to make but it was not. Boy, am I glad I get to eat this cranberry cake with butter sauce for dessert, tonight!

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