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Tangy Dill Pickle Potato Soup

We used to hate them, but something changed a few years ago and now we can’t get enough of dill pickles! If you’ve taken a look at some of our other recipes, you’ll know we have a hearty appreciation for potatoes, so when we were thinking of ways to incorporate pickles into our dinner routine, it was only natural that we paired the two together in this fabulous soup!

Typically we like to let soups simmer away for quite a while, but thanks to the tangy, intense flavor of the pickles and brine, this flavorful recipe comes together in about 20 minutes. The potatoes mellow out the tangy pickles and everything blends together to create something seriously yummy.

Our family wasn’t totally convinced when we described what we were going for, but after that first bite they knew we were on to something! Even if you’re not a pickle person, this tasty soup will surprise you – try it out and see!

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