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Take Your Turkey On An Adventure To Grill Land

You might think this recipe is crazy but I am here to tell you that cooking a turkey on the grill works and it turns out amazingly well. I can’t get over the yumminess of the meat. It’s so juicy and moist on the inside. And the skin…oh dear heavens, the skin! it’s crisped to perfection and reminds you of those summer BBQs being resurrected. Speaking of which, I just may have to start grilling turkeys during the summer months because this recipe sure does cook up a nice tasting bird.

You really need to try grilling your turkey for multiple reasons. For one, you’ve probably never had your turkey grilled before so you should give it a shot. Secondly, your dinner guests will be amazed and quite impressed with how awesome their meal tastes and you get to take full credit. Go you!

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