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Take This Vitamin Regularly to Keep the Annoying Mosquitoes at Bay!

Everyone loves being outdoors, hanging out in the backyard, working in the garden, taking a hike, camping, or simply enjoying the nature. However, mosquitoes are annoying insects that can carry malaria, encephalitis, dengue,   yellow fever, and more.

Some people are more prone to mosquito bites than others. In case you’re a mosquito magnet, you may be tired of having bumpy, itchy skin.

Using a commercial insect repellent that contains DEET or another EPA-registered ingredient is not the ideal option to prevent mosquito bites. These insect repellents contain ingredients that may harm your health. Namely, DEET is a poisonous pesticide. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, you should avoid breathing this pesticide that is found in most store-bough insect repellents.

Fortunately, you can protect yourself without using a DEET-based chemical repellent.

There are many natural repellents or alternative methods to keep these pesky insects at bay. Also, they are effective and safe to use.

In addition, thiamine, also referred to as Vitamin B1, is a vitamin that is present in a variety of foods like eggs, liver, kale, asparagus, oatmeal, etc. This vitamin plays an important role in strengthening the immune system and reducing stress.

It is actually one of the water-soluble vitamins, which means that the excess that your body does not utilize gets eliminated when you urinate. As a result of this, you should not worry about taking excess amounts of it.

The good news is that taking Vitamin B1 can change the way you smell to those annoying insects. In other words, taking this vitamin on a regular basis makes you smell like garbage to mosquitoes.

But, it does not change your actual odor.

Here Is How to Use It for Best Results:

It is recommended to take 100 mg of Vitamin B1 on a daily basis. You may notice a reduction in the frequency of getting bitten in a period of 15 days.

Furthermore, not only you should take this vitamin, but you should also prepare and use this homemade mosquito repellent recipe.

DIY Effective Mosquito Repellent:


  • 1 teaspoon of witch hazel with aloe
  • 25 drops of high-quality lavender essential oil
  • 25 drops of high-quality tea tree essential oil


Simply fill a 16oz. spray bottle half way up with water and then add the other ingredients.

Source: www.barenaturalhealth.com