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Sweet Vidalia Onion & Potato Casserole

Around here, we love pretty much anything that gets cooked up in a casserole dish and we especially love this onion and potato casserole. It’s similar to classic scalloped potatoes or a potato gratin, but the plentiful Vidalia onions add a sweet touch that you didn’t even know was missing before. We all have a favorite way of making a creamy potato dish, but after you take one bite of this, we don’t think you’ll go back to making it the same old way again! It’s such a great combination.


This casserole is creamy and cheesy as can be, and the mix of sweet and savory flavors is just amazing. The key is to cook the onions over low heat and not let them get too browned. They remain sweet, but their flavor doesn’t become too heavy through caramelization. Though we do love caramelized onions and they certainly have their place, we like a more subtle onion flavor here. The thin potatoes have the perfect toothsome bite and act as a nice base for all those onions. In a dish like this, it’s always a good plan to use a waxy potato like a Yukon gold. While russets are the workhorse of the potato world, this is one application they don’t do too well in because they tend to fall apart in a baked dish. You’ll just love the melted cheese and delicious sauce that run throughout this. They tie it all together in one outstanding creamy package. We promise you’ll be going back for seconds, and your family will too!


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