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Sweet Corn Spoon Bread

While we typically reach for savory side dishes to complement our dinners, it’s so great to find a dish that’s a little bit sweet and a little bit savory, that goes perfectly with just about every meal: sweet corn spoon bread! While the name might tip you off that it’s a derivative of corn bread, this recipe is so much more than said classic. With corn muffin mix as the base, we added two different types of corn, plus a dash of sugar, and the result is an almost-cake-like bread that you can scoop up and dollop onto your plate (whether or not that’s with reckless abandon is up to you…).

Seriously, this stuff is so ridiculously good…it’s even better than traditional cornbread in our book. At first we weren’t sure if it was the sweet bites of corn kernels scattered throughout, or the fact that taking a bite meant biting into something that was smooth and creamy instead of crumbly, but ultimately, we think it’s a combination of the aforementioned factors, along with that delicious hint of sweetness – it just can’t be beat! Next time you’re looking for a side dish, give this one a shot and see if it doesn’t steal the show and win you over!

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