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Stuffing Squash Casserole

We’ve always had a thing for boxed stuffing mix. Maybe it’s the seasoning blend or the teeny-tiny cubes of bread… whatever it is, that stuff sure is delicious. And while maybe we’ve been known to cook up a box and eat just that for dinner, it’s a good plan to get some veggies in most of the time. This simple casserole does just that! It takes the glory of packaged stuffing mix and combines it with a whole lot of healthy veggies, and we just love it.
This casserole is literally packed with veggies. It has butternut squash, zucchini, onions, carrots, and water chestnuts. Those are mixed in with some convenient cream of chicken soup and sour cream to keep it creamy and comforting. (You can always use a different soup to keep this vegetarian!) The stuffing sandwiches that whole mixture and it comes out of the oven as one wonderful, flavorful, bubbly bake. Enjoy!

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