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Stress Relief: Applesauce Bars

My sixteen year old daughter came home from school yesterday all upset and crying from her stessful day at school (peer pressure). After she talked everything out with me, she tore into the kitchen (bowls banging, pots slamming) and created these awesome applesauce bars. I hate to say it, but I hope she gets stressed-out more often. These are AMAZING…
-Congratulations on your so well deserved Blue Ribbon! Made these fantastic bars yesterday evening and didn’t have any left to snack on this afternoon. My husband is pre diabetic and very careful with his diet. He’ll take a bite of any desserts I make cause he knows I try to make them healthier. So made these bars with my homemade applesauce in which I had added very little brown sugar. So I added half of the amount of brown sugar asked for in the recipe. Instead of icing the cake I dusted it with powdered sugar. It was perfect, light, moist and full of flavor. My husband loved his treat:) My son had all the rest of the cake:) I’m glad I got a chance to get a piece!
Will be making again soon. Might even add a chopped apple along with the applesauce to have astronger apple flavor. Thanks for sharing these easy & delicious bars!

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