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Strawberry Jell-o Parfaits

Because of our “one treat a day” rule, the toddler is constantly asking me what happens if he eats more than one treat. To which I’ve generally responded, “you could get sick” or “it’s just not good for you.”

So the other night he had a bit of a fever and was complaining his head hurt. While I was snuggling him he confessed he’d snuck an extra brownie that day — he was completely convinced that was what had made him sick.

The coolest and EASIEST hack to make these slanted jell-o parfait cups with a strawberry mousse on top. Delicious and so easy!! I chelseasmessyapron.com

That very next day I’d slept on my back funny and said something about it hurting to which he quickly piped in, “You shouldn’t eat all your treats at once mommy, and then you wouldn’t be sick.” He went on to lecture me about only eating one treat a day and if I did that, I wouldn’t get “sick” anymore.

He’s been very careful about eating only one treat a day lately. You know, to avoid those head colds.

He’s also been quite bossy with the rest of us. While I’m cooking or baking for the blog, if I happen to take a taste he tells me “well, that’s your treat for today mom.” OR “you already had a taste, you can’t have too many treats or your back will hurt.”
The coolest and EASIEST hack to make these slanted jell-o parfait cups with a strawberry mousse on top. Delicious and so easy!! Recipe from chelseasmessyapron.com

I’ll tell you what though, if I’m going to sacrifice sickness for breaking the “one treat a day” rule, these are the treats that would make it worth it. These are crazy delicious! They’ve got an amazing flavor, incredible texture, AND they’re fun to look at. I mean, how pretty are these?!

At first glance they may look a bit complicated, but I swear they couldn’t be easier to make! That fun slant of jell-o to mousse is simply done by placing the cups at an angle in a muffin tin. The video tutorial (at the top of this page) shows you just how easy it is to achieve that slanted look.

To secure the slanted cups in the muffin tin, I quickly wad up pieces of foil into balls and put them in the muffin tin. You can do that, or use whatever else you have lying around. If you have marbles or extra paper (from the 10,593 pictures your kids might give you a day. What?! I’d never use those…) or anything else you can think of that allows the cup to sit on a slant and stay put.

Once the cups are set on a slant, you’ll add in strawberry jell-o and strawberries. Let that set completely and then you can pull the cups out of the muffin tin and you’ve got a perfect jell-o slant layer. Pour the mousse on top, let that set, and then these treats are ready! They take some time (mostly chilling time), but the time spent on these is more than worth the end product — these are one of the best jell-o treats ever!

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