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Strawberries & Cream Cake

You guys. This cake… whoa Nelly is it good. If you are a fan at all of strawberry shortcake, or strawberries and cream, or even just strawberries by their lonesome, you have to give this a try. It has a moist crumb and is packed with strawberry flavor, and a sweet layer of cream cheese frosting sets it off so nicely. We’ve outdone ourselves with this one.

yummy strawberry cake

It’s a simple cake that comes together easily in one bowl. You start by briefly mixing together the dry ingredients before adding the eggs, oil, and milk, and then folding in the strawberries. We used strawberry flavored jello mix in the batter because it gives the cake a stronger, more standout strawberry essence. (It also gives the cake that lovely rich pink color.) The fresh strawberries are important too as they add a truer, more natural strawberry taste and they also add a nice bit of texture.


We’ve topped it with velvety cream cheese frosting, and we just can’t imagine that there’s any other frosting that might go better with it. Our favorite Cream Cheese Frosting recipe is here. We baked ours up in a single round pan this time, but this would make a mighty fine sheet cake and an absolutely beautiful layer cake if you’re so inclined. That pretty pink cake lined with snowy white icing and garnished with some lush fresh strawberries… Can you think of anything prettier? We certainly can’t. At least not anything that’s this delicious.

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