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Steak Enchiladas

My steak enchiladas are a zesty homemade take on a favorite south-of-the-border entree, loaded up with fresh, colorful ingredients. Filled with tender and juicy marinated flank steak, sweet corn, and a blend of three cheeses, these enchiladas are smothered in a smoky, homemade chipotle enchilada sauce plus extra cheese, then baked to hot, bubbly perfection!

Whenever we head out to our favorite local Mexican restaurant, I always seem find myself with the dilemma of which delicious and zesty entree to order. With so many colorful and flavorful dishes, it’s far too difficult to decide… especially when I’m super hungry!

One entree that’s always a challenge for me to pass up when it’s on the menu is steak enchiladas, and the saucier and cheesier they are, the better.

But with a tasty cut of beef and a few more simple ingredients, this delectable entree can easily be prepared in your own kitchen, complete with a mildly spicy homemade enchilada sauce to smother everything in!

My enchiladas recipe calls for lean and flavorful flank steak that’s seared to a juicy, medium-rare, along with sweet corn kernels, a creamy and pungent three-cheese blend, plus fresh cilantro.

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