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Slow Cooker Dijon Pork Chops And Potatoes

If there’s one thing we tend to think at the end of a long week, it’s “where did the time go??” Between driving around, running errands and making meals for everyone, along with all the other things that have a tendency to pop up at the last minute, it seems like there’s never a minute to spare, and we’d love to just have a chunk of time – that could be as small as 10 minutes! – where we can breathe and relax without having to think of the next thing to do. And this dish gives us that time and then some!
Our love for the slow cooker will never die (regardless of the competition it gets from our Instant Pot), and we find ourselves turning to it time and again on nights when we want something hearty and delicious, without having to stand over a stove for more than five minutes. These slow cooker dijon pork chops are a meat and potato dinner that everyone will love, but you, especially, will, because it frees up your time and allows you to take that break!
Okay, so you have a couple options here. First, to brown or not brown the pork chops before getting started. We chose to brown ours, since it adds flavor and good color, but if you simply want to throw those bad boys in the sauce in the slow cooker, go for it. Second, to make and add a thickener or not. Usually consisting of flour or cornstarch and water, also known as a slurry, adding this to your cooked dish and then letting it simmer for a few more minutes will thicken your sauce and make it nice and creamy – so yummy!

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