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Sheet pan Garlic Chicken & Veggies

Simple, one pan meal that is delicious, healthy, and easy to make! This Sheet pan garlic chicken and veggies is my go to on busy nights! The veggies stay crisp, but cooked, and the chicken is garlick-y and delicious!

One sheet pan garlic chicken, baked to perfection with tons of veggies for a delicious, satisfying mealSave
I am a huge fan of simple. My life is chaotic and hectic most of the time, and despite trying to stay organized, and reduce the chaos, I haven’t quite found that balance yet. I don’t exercise enough. I sometimes snap at my kids. We don’t always do the required reading or homework when we should. And dinner sometimes consists of a drive through and a kid’s meal because this mama can’t always do it all.

But with this recipe in my back pocket, I am feeling a lot more capable. I made these great sheet pan flank steak fajitas and shared them with you guys a few weeks back, and they inspired me to keep going with the one sheet pan idea because frankly it is a blessing for me. I hate dishes. I don’t want a lot of clean up. And I don’t have time. But I want tasty meals and plenty of veggies.

It is so easy I think even a child could help make it! Right? Which is why I put it on our meal plan on a night my kids are helping with dinner. They are great carrot peelers. And the chicken is so tender and delicious they eat it right up. Plus, since they help cut, chop, wash, and peel the veggies, they are better about eating them. Although, they still won’t touch the brussels sprouts. The good news is the vegetables you put in this are completely up to you. However, you may need to adjust cooking time to make sure they are cooked through.

garlic chicken in a panSave

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!


What I used for this recipe:


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