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She Peels Off a Glass Bottle Label to Create the Most Gorgeous DIY

5. Classy Spray Bottle

Glass bottle used as a sprayer.

Rather than opt for a cheap, plastic spray bottle for your DIY cleaning products, try reusing a glass bottle for the same purpose! The end result looks a lot cooler than the Dollar Store alternative.

6. Candle Stick Holders

Metallic candle holders.

Looking for a romantic way to burn bare candle sticks? Empty wine bottles will be your new go-to hack! We love the idea of spraying these a metallic color for a hypnotizing look.

7. Bottle Bird Feeders

Bottles as birdfeeders.

Feed your feathered friends in style with these easy-to-make wine bottle bird feeders! You upcycled waste and your local birds get a snack – everyone wins.

8. Outdoor Planters

Bottles holding plants.

Although wine bottles could easily be used to make an adorable indoor garden too, we love the look of these rustic bottles as outdoor planters.

9. Coca Cola Bottle Glasses

Cut Coke bottles.

For a truly vintage feel, cut some glass Coca Cola bottles to create DIY drinking glasses! Here’s a quick tutorial on how to easily cut through glass, but be warned that kids interested in this craft might be better watching an adult do the work.

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