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Say Goodbye to Stomach Bloating with These Simple Tips!

Are you one of those people who regularly experience the feeling of being bloated? Stomach bloating involves excessive amounts of liquids, gas, or solids in the digestive system. Unfortunately, it is quite uncomfortable and embarrassing problem if accompanied by gas.

In fact, many people suffer from stomach bloating. Poor nutrition, exposure to various pollutants, high levels of stress, and overuse of medications can contribute to abdominal discomfort, gas, and bloating.

Experiencing a bloated stomach is actually different from gaining fat mass around your belly, because bloating is temporary and primarily triggered by air becoming stuck around your belly.

If you experience other symptoms, like weight loss, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, etc., along with having pain in your abdomen and feeling full and gassy, consult your doctor since it may be an indicator of a more serious health problem.

But, in most cases, stomach bloating isn’t anything to be alarmed about and can be eliminated by making some simple dietary changes.

Here Are 8 Simple Tips on How to Get Rid of Stomach Bloating:
– Drink Plenty of Water       

Your body holds onto water in order to prevent dehydration. So, drinking enough water throughout the day can help flush out its stores.

Moreover, you should avoid consuming soda or carbonated liquids since they fill your stomach with air, thus leading to a bloated belly.

In addition, dairy-based products may also contribute to excess gas in your system.

– Reduce Your Intake of Carbs

Carbohydrate molecules actually bind with water to form glycogen, which is a type of energy.  But, if you eat high-carb foods, your body will hold onto more water, thus causing a bloated belly.

You should replace carbs with fresh vegetables to prevent bloating.

– Avoid Having Large Meals

Avoid overeating because it triggers bloating and sluggishness.

Therefore, make sure you have smaller portions, as well as eat well balanced meals.

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