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Refuse Bin Facelift

This project I did isnt really a diy makeover, it’s more of a facelift. Our refuse bins are collected 1 a week and then the streets bins are all put together and our son has the duty of identifying and collecting ours. This usually comes with a complaint of them all being black and with the same markings. so I decided to give ours a facelift. really for quick and easy identifying………………and it just looks so much nicer.
refuse bin facelift
This is what our bins look like. Plain and rather boring……… I marked the area I wanted to paint and lightly sanded it down. This will give the undercoat something to grip on seing as though the bins are plastic. I used a white chalk paint for the undercoat, as it sticks to virtually anything. Left the undercoat to dry properly. I sketched my scene and then used acrylic paint to paint it. When finished I sealed it with a clear lacquer. The only costs I really incurred was the paint used (which I already had).
refuse bin facelift

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