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The Most Refreshing Tuna Salad You’ll Ever Munch On!

We were going to be hosting a baby shower for one of the girls that we worked with. She didn’t have a whole lot of family in the town we lived in, and she had mentioned that she didn’t think she was going to have one. We wanted to do something for her to help her and her new husband out with their little bundle of joy. Thankfully, our boss agreed to let us do a little luncheon style party during our lunch break on a Friday. He told us to take as long as we needed which I thought was super nice. We all agreed to bring in a dish to pass to make things easy and affordable.

I knew that there weren’t going to be very many of us, so I wanted to do something kind of fancy, you know, to give it that baby shower feel. I wanted her to enjoy her shower and remember it forever, the same way that I do mine.
This recipe for a tuna salad with grapes and a lemon dressing that I found on Group Recipes seemed like it was going to fit the bill perfectly, so that’s exactly what I decided to make.
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