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Rainbow Jello Eggs

My girls LOVED these eggs! Although the layers take a little bit of time, they are so cute and were really simple to make!

When I saw these beautiful Easter eggs from Choose to Thrive I knew I had to give them a try! I didn’t have the egg molds so I was able to use dollar store plastic eggs to make these and it worked perfectly!

I used plastic eggs from the dollar store and a plastic syringe to get the Jell-O into the eggs (you can also get them at the pharmacy, the one I use is for measuring medicine).

Tips For the Perfect Jello Easter Eggs

Here are some tips for making these turn out great:

Do not use a knife to put holes in your plastic eggs… (the knife can easily slip through the plastic unexpectedly… trust me on this!)
Oil the inside of the eggs VERY well so they come out easily
Place the egg upside down and fill it from the larger end. If you have any air bubbles they will be at the bottom of your egg when you’re done.
You can mix all of your Jell-O with boiling water at the beginning if you choose. Do not add the yogurt until right before you are ready to pour that layer, it hardens quickly.
Run the egg under hot water for a few seconds before taking them out of the molds
Make a couple more than you plan on needing, a couple of them may split apart while you master the “unmolding”.

I used plastic eggs from the dollar store. My eggs did have tiny holes on each end… in order to get the Jell-O into the eggs, I had to make the hole bigger on one side so I just twisted a pair of scissors into the hole to make it a bit bigger. Do not use a knife to do this… I am speaking from experience.

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