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Quick and Easy Chalk Painted Chair

I know this has been done so many times but it never gets old when you have a chair that you come across and it just needs quick color change.

I had such a chair I picked up for $20 but needed a different look for my master bedroom at the lake. It was in great condition, no rips or tears and the padding was still really comfortable.

quick and easy chalk painted chair

After giving the chair a quick dusting, I mixed the grey chalk paint with equal parts of water. I wanted it very runny so it would soak in good. I used a spray bottle filled with water and sprayed each section first so it was pretty damp to the touch.



I used a pretty thick, cheaper brush, and just loaded it up with the mixture so the brush was dripping. I used a mixture of usual paint strokes but also swirled it around, really working it into the fabric.

This is quite a messy process so have a rag handy to wipe up the drips and protect whatever service you are working on if needed.

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