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Pumpkin Spice Pull-Apart Loaf

It’s that time of the year for pumpkin spice everything, and we’re not complaining! While some people might not be ready to embrace all things pumpkin, let this tasty pumpkin spice pull-apart loaf be the first pumpkin spice treat you make – you won’t regret it. Now, don’t be intimidated by this dish; just because it’s a pull-apart bread doesn’t mean it’s hard to make. In fact, we skipped the potential dough-making portion of this recipe and used an easy shortcut that makes making this a breeze…biscuit dough!
This pull apart bread is so, so easy to bake using pumpkin pie filling and refrigerated biscuit dough instead of homemade. The pumpkin flavor comes across perfectly in this dessert without being overwhelming – don’t forget to share some with family and friends!

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