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Pumpkin Bundt Cake

This is a nice moist cake good anytime of the year but particularly nice for the holidays.
– I first made it for Thanksgiving. It was so good that I made it three more times for different places we went for Christmas!
The second time, instead of powdered sugar, I used the “apple pie spice glaze” that I found on this site. Great both ways!
-When recipes for bundt cakes using cake mixes first came out, they would specify a mix with out the pudding in it. Now I think there is only one company that does not use pudding in their mix, and even that I’m not sure of. So, I do wonder about what cake mix to use when the recipe calls for adding pudding. Lori, I think that is what you are saying – use any mix. Any other comments, experiences?
-I have made this a few times now and it’s always a hit (this week it was the office holiday pot-luck). I have opted to glaze the cake with a powdered sugar & milk icing although the idea of whipped cream sounds very good also.

Karen, I ALWAYS add pudding to any cake mix I am making and yes, it is normal for it to be very thick. Once it is baked though, it is very moist.

Thanks Candy for sharing such a great recipe!

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