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Pruning Hydrangeas Before Spring Blooms – Don’t Mess Them Up!

It’s that time of year when all the gardening tools get to come out to play. And one of my favorite things to do in the garden is to trim back last year’s dead growth. Today, I’m sharing how I prune mine for the best Spring blooms and how not to mess them up. I learned the hard way as usual.


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Here in Texas, I start seeing new Spring growth around March on my hydrangeas. It may be a little later for you, depending on the zone you live in. But for me, it’s the perfect time to be Spring pruning hydrangeas. In the past, I tried doing it in the Fall, and every time I did, it stunted the blooms. (insert unhappy face) You want to know why? The blooms are mainly in the new growth, but some varieties will also bloom on old-growth, but I have found that this works best. It can be a real guessing game. Do some research on your variety before trying this method.

Of course, I prune or deadhead old bloom throughout the blooming season, but today I’m strictly talking about Spring pruning.

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