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Provide Back Pain Relief and Get Perfect Body Posture by Doing THIS Exercise!

Improper body posture is one of the main causes of pain in the joints, legs, and back. It can also increase your risk of chronic shoulder and neck pain; back, hip, knee and foot injuries; carpal tunnel syndrome; impingement and nerve compression; stiffness; sciatica; headaches; fatigue; muscle weakness; difficulty breathing; and digestive problems.

Moreover, it can also result in chest tightness, and poor blood circulation.

However, you can actually learn more about your postural deviations and find out which types of exercises work best to enhance your alignment by realizing the benefits of proper posture. Specifically, your muscles can function more effectively, you can help prevent injury and pain, your lifts can be stronger, and you can look and feel much better with proper body posture and correct alignment.

So, it is recommended to do everything in order to achieve this. Luckily, you can achieve this by doing a simple yoga pose.

In addition, shalabhasana, also known as the locust pose, is an impressive yoga pose that can strengthen your muscles and provide remarkable effects. But, in case you suffer from severe back pain, consult your physician prior to doing this yoga pose or any other similar exercise.

Here Is How to Do the Locust Pose to Improve Your Posture and Alleviate Pain

The Locust pose takes an impressive amount of effort to lift off the floor as well as stay there for several breaths. This yoga pose can enhance your body posture, and strengthen your core and the entire back of your body.

It is not only one of the most effective poses for strengthening your back muscles, but the locust pose is also one of the safest.

First of all, lie on your stomach with your arms at each side and your face downwards. Make sure your forehead touches the floor.

Next, start stretching both legs and then spread them hip-width apart.

You should not roll your heels outward or inward. But, try to press your weight evenly across the tops of your feet.

Afterwards, lift your upper body as high as possible. Make sure you keep your head up. Breathe in and raise your head, and raise your hands while breathing out. Your hands should be near your body with your palms facing downwards.

Then, simply lift your legs by using your thigh muscles, and concentrate your weight on your abdomen, pelvis, and lower ribs. Stay in this position for 10-60 seconds.

Also, do 5-10 reps for maximum benefits.

Check out the video below to learn how to do the exercise:

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