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Poinsettia Plant Care: Tips to Keep Yours Looking Good

Poinsettias can be tricky to maintain indoors even for a few weeks. These Poinsettia plant care tips can help keep yours alive and looking good.

It’s that time of year when these colorful plants make it into our homes. Something alive and growing in December. It’s a Christmas miracle! They bring us cheer during the winter holiday season.

Poinsettias are the most popular plant sold here in the US with almost 50 million pots sold last year. They’re happily grown in climate-controlled greenhouses.

Then, they’re foiled and sleeved so they can be sent out on trucks to their retail destinations across the country.

Because of that, they’re exposed to cold drafts. Then they’re crammed together on display racks for sale in grocery stores, Home Depots, Lowes, local garden centers, and more.


Poinsettias have been through it all before they even get into your hands and find a place in your home. Follow these tips to keep them looking healthy throughout the holiday season!

poinsettia plant care tips to keep yours looking good
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