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Please Stop Wearing These 3 Things (at any age)

You’ve seen the articles answering questions like … “What should I stop wearing after 25” or “What should stop wearing in my 40s or 50s?” or “Should a 70 year old woman wear leggings?” or “How should I dress according to my age?”

We are asking and answering the wrong questions. If we continue down that path we will forever be looking for external validation, seeking happiness and fulfillment outside of ourselves. It never satisfies so we have to keep seeking and seeking.

I’m not interested in offering you fashion tips or weighing in on the latest fashion trend. I genuinely don’t care about those things. If you want to wear skinny jeans or boyfriend jeans, scarves or belts, navy jackets, tennis shoes or other footwear, black, beige, nude, stripes, textures, or whatever silhouettes you are comfortable in, I’m happy for you. You can even put glitter in your hair and I will support that. You may have a classic style or minimalist style or have no idea what your personal style is. It’s all ok.

The truth is you can wear anything you want at any age. So now that you aren’t mad at me for telling you what to keep in your closet or telling you that you have to dress any kid of way, I hope you’ll enjoy my recommendations for what not to wear in your life.

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