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Peppered Steak and Rice

This is a really good recipe! Of course, I changed it just a little, lol… I added chopped regular onion to it because they give a lot of flavor, (but kept the green onion tops too), also added 1/4 tsp. of ginger, and after tasting, 2 tsps. sugar to the sauce portion because I like my pepper steak to have a little zing to it. We had the neighbors over to dinner, and there wasn’t any left over. Thanks for the recipe, bert! :o)
Wonderful!!We all wanted more if this!!!Steak was tender and juicy.Sauce thickend up just perfect!!Instead of cutting into strips I left the steaks whole,I also used teryaki sauce for the soy sauce!!Great meal,I will make this again soon!Thanks a million!!!

bert, this was wonderful! I tried to stick to the recipe, but got carried away! Threw in a sliced red pepper and a dab of hoisin sauce. Absolutely delicious! Thanks, from me and my full stomach!
I tried this tonight. Easy and excellent. Of course, I can’t help “adding” to any recipe I try, so I threew in a dash of ginger and a splash or red wine….fabulous. Thanks!


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