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Pecan Praline Sweet Potato Cake

When temperatures start to drop and leaves start to change color we’re on the lookout for special dishes that feel festive and seasonal. What can we say? There’s something about starting to incorporate more pumpkins or squashes or more root vegetables into our cooking that makes us excited and has us looking forward to our time in the kitchen.
Now, we love sweet potatoes regardless of the time of year, but we wanted to do something different with them; something that would be absolutely delicious and yet feel festive at the same time. And we’re so happy with what we came up with! Instead of using sweet potato as you would normally, in some form of savory dish, we made it the star of the dish…and not just any dish – we made a pecan praline-frosted sweet potato cake! You guys, if at first you read that and thought it sounded weird, wait a second and give it a chance!
Sweet potatoes obviously have a great natural sweetness, so it only makes sense to incorporate them into a dessert. Make that a moist, dense cake topped with a pecan praline frosting and you are in business. Seriously, it’s just so good and the fact that it will have you feeling seasonally on top of things is just the cherry on top – who knows: you might just find yourself making this year-round!

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