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Outlet Cover With Fairy Garden Theme

I recently built two flower beds beside our front porch. Because there was an electrical outlet in the center, I constructed a cover to go over it.

outlet cover with fairy garden theme, After

In the winter months, when it snows at a certain angle, I need to dig out the snow around the outlet. I’ve always thought I should cover it somehow to keep it dry. And now that my new flower beds were in place, this seemed like a good time to do it.


I found a pile of scrap wood under our back deck and used it to build the cover. I didn’t want it sitting directly on the ground, as it would rot much faster, so I used the sides of my new flower beds as a ledge for the cover to sit on.

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Using beds as a ledge

I cut the bottom board so it would sit flush with the inside of the garden ties I used on the beds. Then I loosely set up the cover to resemble a bird house, to get an idea of how to build it.

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