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Orange Meringue Pie Is Even Better Than Lemon

– This was wonderful! It would be great on a hot summer day or night as the citrus is very refreshing! I actually had to make this twice as the first time I assumed the filling would set after cooling. Only later did I realize I needed to cook the filling until it is about the consistency of pudding. Practice makes perfect~! It was awesome once I cooked the filling long enough!

– Fantastic Recipe! Perfect as written. I do think I will try all Orange Juice next time just to make the orange flavor even stronger (we love orange flavored anything). I loved the addition of the orange segments too. This will absolutely be a repeat at our house. Thank you for sharing!

– I just made this pie last night and it is wonderful. I added the diced orange and it is a nice treat. Filling set perfectly! After this I think I will try different juices and see how they turn out using this recipe. Hmmm Maybe Pineapple meringue pie?? Thanks for the great recipe!

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