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Open Faced Eggs Benedict with Foolproof Hollandaise Sauce

This open faced burger eggs benedict takes the famous breakfast to the next level. Served on a grain free english muffin, it’s paleo too!

I’m at the halfway mark of this month long paleo challenge Julie and I are doing and while the first week was pretty easy, things are starting to get more difficult/annoying lately. I say annoying because when 5pm rolls around and you’re about to walk out the door to workout but want a quick snack to hold you over until dinner and you’re sick of jerky, nuts and dried fruit, that Cliff bar hanging out in the pantry looks realllllly good (and easy) but nooooo, paleo is all like “back off, woman”.

Open Faced Burger Eggs Benedict

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Most of this is my own fault for not prepping as well this past week as I did in the beginning and having better snacks on hand. I also had a plethora of paleoized meals/leftovers the first week including these open faced burger eggs benedict that kept me full a lot longer than the 80 calorie pack of tuna I threw into a salad yesterday for lunch.

I’m sharing this burger eggs benedict recipe over on the Safest Choice Eggs site today where you can read all about how I never ate eggs benedict until I was 27 and then stuffed my face with them every single morning on a week long vacation in Puerto Rico.

I kept things in the paleo department by serving these with my 2 minute paleo english muffins but if you aren’t on a mission against grains for 30 days like me right now, use a normal english muffin and save yourself some time.

Burger Eggs Benedict

Oh and PS- that hollandaise sauce? It’s made in the blender so no excuses!